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Eco-Mindful Tips for Spring

Spring is often a time for refresh and refocus after a busy winter. This season, we also wanted to highlight the opportunity to try new eco-mindful habits to promote an environmentally friendly lifestyle. Whether you are a busy parent or twenty-something young professional, we have ideas for you.

For parents, busy schedules can often become overwhelming, but we have some great ideas to ensure a seamless transition with these eco-mindful goodies. While packing lunches, we recommend Minimal Silicone containers for fruits and snacks because they not only come in a variety of sizes, but they are BPA free and plastic free. Mind Your Bees food wraps are another reusable option to keep your child’s food fresh all day – and they are made locally.

For busy workplace employees, Stasher reusable bags are our go-to for snacks and storage. Their durability makes them great to use day after day too. To make grocery shopping a breeze, our classic French market bags and produce bags will be an eco-mindful alternative to plastics.

Centro Garden has many eco-mindful products to choose from – give us a call or visit our online web-store, and we can help you get started. If you have eco-mindful tips, feel free to share them too.