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Holiday Style

Christmas has a different meaning to everybody, which is reflected in their holiday style and decor. Textures, colours and themes are used together to create a design look and feel that represents your holiday spirit. Rustic, Modern or Classic – which holiday style do you best fit into?

Whether or not you are spending time on the slopes, at the cottage or in front of the fire place – our winter in ‘Halifax’ decor is a true Canadian Christmas. Birch logs, twigs and pinecones are a simple way to add texture to your tree – complimenting the felt woodland animal ornaments!

Mixed metals are a Christmas design favourite. Silver, Gold, Brass & Champagne tones accent each other (and other colours) to create a warm decor. This is a holiday style you can effortlessly add pieces to and adjust from year to year.

Black and white minimalist decor adds a twist to the festive time of year. Smooth whites, blacks and blonde woods create a contemporary holiday style. A different approach to creating warmth in your home through pillar candles and wicker baskets.