Centro Garden : Live Outside Inside

Our second store – Centro NOCA – is now open at 590 Brant Street.  Come visit us!!  Centro NOCA is open Mon-Fri from 8am-6pm, Sat from 10am -6pm & Sun from 10am-5pm.


Hello Honey!

One of the timeless pantry staples we always have on hand is raw honey. But what’s with its recent surge in popularity? Well simply, it’s a power food for health as well as a key to the ecology.

In modern cooking and baking, raw honey is turning out to be a wise substitute to refined sugar. A quick Google search online will guide you in what quantities are needed for most recipes.

On the ecology front, premium honey supports small honey producers, encouraging more farmers to generate revenue from healthy sustainable bee keeping.

One of the unique honey products we carry is Bee Raw from NY State. Bee Raw collects small batch honey from independent farms and apiaries which have bees gathering nectar primarily from a single floral source.

It’s this single flower source that enables Bee Raw to release varietal honeys and you to experience a remarkably wide array of flavours.